The following is an overview of the entire citizenship application process:

  1. Arrange a consultation with a CIP Turkey representative
  2. Choose your preferred CIP investment method
  3. Grant Power of Attorney to our legal team to make the process as hassle free as possible
  4. Open a bank account in Turkey*
  5. Transfer the required amount into your Turkish bank account or your Turkish lawyer’s client account to begin the acquisition process
  6. Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the relevant ministry*
  7. Apply for a residence permit for the applicant and all dependents*
  8. Prepare the required documents for your citizenship application:
    • Birth Certificate of each applicant
    • Original Passport of each applicant
    • Marriage or Divorce Certificate (If applicable)
    • Death Certificate of Spouse (If applicable)
    • Proof of residence in home country (Utility or Phone Bill)
    • Police certificate showing clean record
    • 12 Biometric passport photos for each applicant
    • Proof of Transfer of Funds into bank account in Turkey
    • Residence Permit*
    • Proof of Private Health Insurance (valid in Turkey) *
    • Turkish Tax ID Number*
    • Turkish Citizenship Application Forms*
  9. Submit your citizenship application and wait for approval in 3 to 6 months
  10. Collect your Turkish Passport and ID

*Our legal team will handle these items on your behalf once POA is granted


  1. The above listed steps are only a brief overview of the process
  2. The entire process could take longer, depending on compliance checks of the applicant, and which city the application is submitted
  3. All documents will need to be translated into Turkish by a certified translator, notarized and legalized

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